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Finance Trading Wealth Management
Multi-Products and Multi-Channels
  • Our Product include: Stock, Futures, Equity Option, Bonds, eIPO
  • Channels contain: Internet, IVR, WAP, Mobile
Real-time Risk Management
  • Real-time margin calculation and credit checking of all orders. Auto Alert to relevant AE and Credit Controllers to reject or override all trading activities.
Comprehensive Order Types
  • Rich set of order types for Manual Trade or Program Trade are provided, include Limit Order, Auction, MOC, OCO, OTO, MIT, Stop Loss, Up Trigger, Down Trigger, Up/Down Trigger and Market Order.
Value Highlight
  • 1. Multi-market trade (over 50 Markets)
  • 2 .Supports order placement, confirmation, and inquiry through Internet
  • 3. Real time data inquiry
  • 4. Real-Time Margin Calculation & Monitoring
  • 5 .Automatic update of all connected workstations
  • 6. Visible and audible alerts
  • 7. Short Sell checking
  • 8. Limit checking for trading
  • 9. On-line margin credit checking
  • 10. Support for Remote locations
  • 11. Interface with back office system
  • 12. Simple and intuitive user interface
  • 13. Interface with second terminal.
  • 14. Real time price feed
  • 15. Support Branches, Customer Service Center, and Work Group
  • 16. 7 x 24 Operations (Ready for extended trading hour & Diff. Market)

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