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OCTOSTP Futures is a trade processing and routing system designed to enhance and ease the flow of trades within a brokerage house that involve derivative operations like daily trading and settlement, client accounting, and margin control.

It currently supports the Global markets (E.g. HIBOR, Hang Seng Index Futures, Hang Seng Index Options and Hong Kong Stock Futures), and ongoing development will extend it to other markets and products.

Built using industry standard client/server architecture, it guarantees fast response times while requiring minimal administration. Running under Microsoft Windows NT™ or above, OCTOSTP Futures has an already familiar look and feel. This further reduces start up costs.

Backed by abc Multiactive’s vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the investment industry, it is the optimal solution for broker firms and investment houses of all sizes. OctO Futures simply meets their needs to improve overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Transaction Management

  • Swift and smooth order entry via the order entry screen facilitated by short cut keys and field locking mechanism
  • Orders can be priced and queued accurately based on price and queue information conveyed via the various Price and Order Depth information screens.
  • Users can select a group of instrument for price monitoring
  • Order statuses are instantly reflected with update to the minute accuracy via its Order Enquiry screen with optional audible and visible alerts to avoid missing action inadvertently
  • Online order cancellation and replacement is enabled via its Split Order Submission function
  • Loss minimization and profit maximization is also enabled via its Stop Order Entry and Enquiry functions.
  • On line Order executions monitoring and analysis is enabled via the system Trade Statistics function.

Risk Management.

  • Online margin and profit and loss calculation based on real price information is provided.
  • Credit check rules based on cash as well as credit limit values can be flexibly added and modified according to the company's business policy.
  • Orders requiring credit approval can be routed hierarchically based on pre-set credit approval criteria.

Portfolio management

  • Open position details and summary with required margin can be viewed via Client Information screen.
  • Open position both current and brought forward can be settled with ease via the Client Information screen.

Margin Control

Enabled by a number of reports such as

  • Online margin report
  • Online margin cut point report
  • Gross Margin prediction report

Client Management

Currently two models are offered namely

  • Call center in which clients can be accessible by all users
  • Dedicated client pool clients can only be shared by a designated group of users
Modules for Futures Front:

i ) Gold Futures Module

OctOSTP Gold Futures (GLD) System Module is a module to handle HK gold futures related trades.

The gold futures contract will be traded and settled in USD. All its margin and variation adjustment (VA) calls, Exchange Fee, Cash Settlement Fee, Commission Levy and Investor Compensation Levy are denominated and settled in USD in accordance with the relevant Rules and Procedures.

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