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ABCM is the first broker solution provider that has successfully passed and certified with both the HKFE (OAPI) and HKEx (AMS/3) Tests. OCTO STP Front Office is designed to enable Dealers and Credit Officers to operate system in the Head Office while the account executives and sales representatives can access to OCTO STP Front at remote branch offices.

Modules for Equities Front:


OCTO SPIDER enables financial institutions to take advantage of the growing trend for globalisation. OCTO SPIDER is designed to aid any brokerage firms to expand their trading possibilities into the global market place. By supporting the industry standard Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol, the OCTO SPIDER module allows a brokerage firm to set up an automatic and electronic links between their trading systems and counterparties.

OCTO SPIDER provides an out-of-the-box solution that allows brokerage firms to easily expand and enhance their trading network by routing orders to, and receiving orders from, counterparties trading systems based on a pre- defined set of rules. OCTO SPIDER also allows connection to multiple external trading systems by allowing brokerage firms set up rules to define which order should go to which counterparty. Communication between trading systems is via industry standard security protocols and can support all any network types including: LAN, WAN, Internet and lease lines.

ii ) Unit Trust Module

The Unit Trust Module is the sub-module of the OCTO STP System. According the Unit Trust Module, it designed to cater the straight through processing and workflow to the Nominee and Registry services. The system facilitates:

Unit Trust module for user to monitor the entire client ordering process from client ordering, sending order form to fund house, order execution and fund house settlement. This module can be used with stock module to provide collateral margin.

Features Highlight
  • 1. Subscription
  • 2. Redemption
  • 3. Order Confirmation to broker/fund house

iii ) EIPO Module

In recognition of market trends, abc Multiactive's e-IPO module has been designed to accelerate the efficient process handling of initial public offerings for banks and securities firms. The e-IPO module checks the available balances of clients' portfolios and allocates shares and generates cash and instrument vouchers to draw money and deposit instruments. Applications are then automatically routed to either CCASS or the Securities and Futures for execution.

iv ) Bonds/ Notes module

Bond / Note trade and settlement processing is same as equity

Function Included:
  • 1. Bond accrual Interest calculation
  • 2. Bond coupon calculation
  • 3. Bond coupon delivery

v ) Hold fund module

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