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OCTOSTP Futures is a trade processing and routing system designed to enhance and ease the flow of trades within a brokerage house that involve derivative operations like daily trading and settlement, client accounting, and margin finance.

As a flexible back-office processing system, OctO Futures can interface with other front-office systems. It provides a complete list of functions for effectively managing trade operations and ensuring maximum productivity. By utilizing the benefits of current technology, OctO Futures provides numerous features, such as durability, ease of use, and fast data entry and retrieval without compromising the need for real time, centralized credit control.

Core functions that make OCTOSTP Futures the ideal back-office package in the market today:
  • 1. Trade, settlement and voucher processing
  • 2. Margin processing
  • 3. Margin financing
  • 4. Client holding and portfolio evaluation
  • 5. SPAN interface
  • 6. Interest Processing
  • 7. Trade confirmation
  • 8. General ledger interface – this integrates data to and from external systems.
  • 9. Report Generation
  • 10. File import and export – this integrates data to and from external systems.
  • 111. Interfaces with diverse front office systems and related third-party applications.
Modules for Futures Back:

i ) Gold Futures Module

OctOSTP Gold Futures (GLD) System Module is a module to handle HK gold futures related trades.

The gold futures contract will be traded and settled in USD. All its margin and variation adjustment (VA) calls, Exchange Fee, Cash Settlement Fee, Commission Levy and Investor Compensation Levy are denominated and settled in USD in accordance with the relevant Rules and Procedures.

ii ) Email confirmation module

iii ) Email statement module

iv ) Fax confirmation module

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